• Which books are high school students reading these days?

    8/31/11 2:19 PM

    Are high school students spending their formative years reading the same books as past generations? Now that school's back in session, we thought we'd get some answers from some area English teachers.

  • Georgetown students baffled by college‚Äôs food accolade

    8/31/11 10:10 AM

    Georgetown University frequently lands on those many meaningless college ranking lists, earning points for its friendliness to foreign students, computer geeks, and politicians. The school got bad marks for “Health & Safety” and “Computers” from College Prowler and somehow scored 24th in U.S. News and World Report’s “Great Schools, Great Prices” category, but none of these designations drew the ire of student-run blog Vox Populi. Compliment their food, though, and the students get angry.

  • White people are being 'integrated' into D.C.'s public schools

    8/30/11 12:38 PM

    Lost in the tired, misguided debate about white gentrifiers driving out the District's black population is the story of this growing demographic's integration — to employ one Examiner columnist's language — into the school system.

  • 32 PG schools remain closed Thursday

    8/25/11 9:33 PM

    Most schools will open on time today, but 32 schools in Prince George's County and one in D.C. will remain closed. Here's a list.

  • D.C. students' lunch is healthier than yours

    8/22/11 2:51 PM

    Arugula! Kale! Bok choy! Nectarines! Locally grown heirloom tomatoes! DCPS stops serving its kids notoriously bad crap and kicked 27 new and glorious salad bars into gear on the first day of school.

  • American University is friendlier to gays than any local college

    8/20/11 3:33 AM

    If you're gay and interested in studying in D.C., you might want to consider American University, as its the only school in the area to earn a perfect score in a nationwide LGBT survey of college campuses. If friendliness to gays is not your thing, perhaps check out Catholic University, which wasn't even surveyed.

  • Groups sue to stop voter referendum on Maryland's DREAM Act

    8/19/11 1:28 PM

    Three Maryland public interest groups have filed a lawsuit to block a 2012 voter referendum that would repeal the state's DREAM Act, which allows some undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition.

  • We can't know for sure if students or teachers cheated, but...

    8/9/11 10:26 AM

    More than half of the 41 District schools that came under suspicion of cheating in 2010 saw their test scores fall in 2011, after DCPS increased test security. But no, this doesn't necessarily mean that students or teachers were cheating last year.

  • These car seats are the least toxic to your children

    8/4/11 9:37 AM

    A just-released study says more than half of children's car seats sold in the U-S contain hazardous chemicals.

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