• jfc1

    Mar 31, 2011 - 09:17:23 PM

    ...students want a lot of things. That's why they're students and not administrators. So all these women reported unwanted touching or even forced intercourse. Shame they didn't report all this to the police. No instead they want to get paid to force males to take classes they don't want to take as a condition for taking classes at school. And that all makes sense to you? Suppose that a bunch of male students got a grant from Playboy to fund their push to get female students to walk around in short skirts and low-cut dresses as a condition of enrollment. Would you be up for that? Should the fact that 800 guys at AU sign up for this, write in support of this, really get your motor running, Amanda? Or is the only thing that you care about the fact that DoJ gave a lot of money to a school to try to force guys to do things that women want, that the guys don't want to do?

  • jfc1

    Mar 31, 2011 - 09:24:44 PM

    ...it's always fun to see women get into a position of power and then engage in the same sort of sexist crap that men used to engage in and rationalize it in a similar way.  Maybe women actually *should* attend an all-girls' college and even then only to prepare them for marriage and life as a homemaker. Can we get a grant for that?


    Remember: it's a great idea if it stops just *one* rape.