TBD Community Network

TBD seeks a mutually beneficial relationship with a network of community bloggers and websites in the Washington area.

Here are two things that the TBD Community Network is not after: 1) Getting you to write for us for free; and 2) Building our traffic off the reputations you've already built.

What we do want is to drive traffic to the sites you've worked long and hard to nurture. So we will link to you. We will promote the work of local bloggers not merely in the dark corners of our Web site, but on the homepage and other key spots.

Below is an FAQ that should answer many of the other questions you might have.

Who can be a network member?

Blogs and sites devoted primarily to news, issues and community life in the Washington metro area may join the network. Because TBD is focused on the Washington region, we do not plan to include blogs about national or international affairs, or personal blogs lacking a local angle.

How does a blog or site join the network?

TBD will extend invitations to blogs and sites we want as network members. Blogs or sites also may request membership, in which case TBD will review the site and decide whether to include in the network. The relationship is by mutual agreement and either party can withdraw at any time for any reason.

What does TBD do for network members?

TBD will direct traffic to fresh content on network sites with headlines and links on the home page, topic pages, site search and the TBD Community Network directory. Links will designate blogs as members of the network. We won't link to everything you post, but to those posts we view as having the broadest interest or importance. The extent of TBD promotion for a blog's content will depend on the frequency of posts and on judgment by TBD staff about where and how to promote each post.

What do network members do for TBD?

Network members will provide TBD with fresh community content (though full posts will reside on the members' sites). Network members will display a TBD badge on their sites, linking to TBD. Network members will provide RSS feeds, giving TBD automated access to fresh content.

How might TBD collaborate with network members?

On some events or issues of interest throughout the metro area, TBD will offer members opportunities to participate in coordinated coverage plans.

Will network members' content reside on the TBD site or on members' sites?

TBD will primarily drive traffic to member sites through links. In most cases, the presence on TBD will be the blog/site's name, a logo designating the blog or site as a network member, the headline (from the post or article), a link and a time stamp. In other instances, a TBD staff member might include an expanded reference, including a quote or excerpt, in a roundup of curated content on a particular topic or community in a TBD blog post, news story or email newsletter. These will link to the member's blog or site and will be written to encourage further reading. TBD will on occasion use photos or other visual content from network members, such as to give your link more prominent home-page display.

Does TBD sell advertising for the network?

The TBD Community Network does into include advertising at this time. We are considering ways to offer an advertising relationship for network members.

Will TBD provide technical support to member bloggers and sites?

Network members will be responsible for technical issues of their own sites. TBD will provide technical support relating to members' direct interactions with our site (such as fine-tuning of any problems with our badges).

Is the TBD network an exclusive relationship?

TBD network members may affiliate with other blogger networks or advertising services. However, network members who participate in advertising will need to assure availability of the ad placements required by the network.

Will TBD have any requirements about the content or conduct of network members?

TBD will seek to be informative and transparent with the community about our network members. We will discuss with prospective members the best way to achieve this transparency, such as self-describing their blogs or sites in various ways (primarily news or opinion, for instance) in our network directory or disclosing personal involvements with issues covered.