Crime in D.C. schools

Last April, TBD reporter Sarah Larimer filed a Freedom of Information Act request to D.C. police for all records of incident reports at public and private schools in the District going back to 2009. This past August, after Larimer took a job at, the documents started to roll in. The police sent TBD a document listing every incident (PDF) as well as hundreds of individual incident reports. They’re presented here with all original spelling intact and only the names of suspects and victims redacted in the rare cases that they’ve been left in. Some of the reports are heartbreaking, some are bizarre, and more than you’d think involve weaponized tape dispensers. There are lots of banal incidents, and a couple that should probably be feature stories (like this one). You can download the original spreadsheet we made here or sort these data yourself in the table below.
–Data wrangling by Andrew Beaujon, Caroline Smith, and Ryan O'Malley.