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  • D.C. college students may lose access to residential parking

    12/13/11 1:07 PM

    College students sometimes pay three times as much to park on campus as to receive tags to park in residential neighborhoods. One problem, however — residents aren't always happy. The D.C. Council is considering ending these recipricity tags and kicking students out of neighborhood parking spots.

  • Have an extra $60,000 sitting around? Sarah Lawrence is for you!

    10/11/11 10:54 AM

    A new survey from Campus Grotto says that the top ten most expensive colleges in America now have tuitions that top $55,000 per year. That sound you hear is your checkbook sobbing.

  • GWU, Catholic University have hard-partying dorms

    10/3/11 12:39 PM

    By now, incoming freshman have already gotten settled in their respective dorms, and more importantly, learned which dorms are the go-tos for Friday night revelry. But does your dorm make the list?

  • Is the District ready for even more daily deals?

    9/19/11 1:40 PM

    Can a country in a recession offer too many daily deals, discounts, and coupons? One company doesn't think so — and it's begun targeting District residents and especially college students with a new arsenal of discounts that place an emphasis on how walkable our dense city blocks are. TUN is partnering nationally with 7,500 merchants to offer 22,000 daily deals with the hopes that LivingSocial and Groupon haven't worn down your instinct to save a buck.

  • Let the cheers, jeers begin over U.S. News' college rankings

    9/13/11 5:11 PM

    U.S News & World Report has released its eagerly anticipated, hotly debated, and otherwise adverb-inducing rankings of the country's best colleges, and they're giving those annoying-but-promising kids at Georgetown University another excuse to walk around town with their chins held uncomfortably high in the air. The school fell one spot to 22nd, but beat out all others in the immediate D.C. area. Here's how all the region's schools fared.

  • This is what the dinosaur found in College Park looked like

    9/13/11 11:41 AM

    In 1997, a local dinosaur tracker in College Park discovered the fossil of an armored dinosaur hatchling estimated to have lived 112 million years ago, but scientists at Johns Hopkins University waited until now to tell us about it. The fossil was identified as a baby nodosaur, of the family Nodosauridae — a short, plant-eating dino with both flat and spiky plates on its back.

  • That UMD football helmet that everyone mocked can be yours

    9/8/11 12:31 PM

    Your first thought when you saw those hotly debated Maryland uniforms probably wasn't, "Man, I gotta have one of those!" But if you did, or just want to own a piece of athletic/sartorial history, here's your chance.

  • Underage UMD students just had their buzz killed by the state police

    9/8/11 9:19 AM

    The University of Maryland has a reputation for serious partying — and thus, one can assume, for underage drinking — but the state police are opposed to this for some reason, and are giving the campus police $30,000 to increase ID checks and enforce open container laws. The money will help pay for the officers' overtime hours, which will be spent attending parties and local bars as drunk, horny college kids perform the Dunkaroo and other weird drinking games.

  • Zipcar targets college students with Ford partnership

    8/31/11 1:29 PM

    Zipcar has just announced a new two-year partnership with Ford Motor Company that will be targeting more than 250 universities to encourage students to join and use Zipcar. Locally, American University, GW, and George Mason will be participating.

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