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TBD, April 15, 2011

Mayor Vince Gray: The first 100 days, in photos

Beset by scandals, accusations of nepotism, and everyday D.C. Council weirdness, D.C.'s new mayor has struggled to define his administration. In his next 100 days, will he continue to be battered by events seemingly out of his control, or will he finally get a handle on his term?

The high salaries narrative

Feb. 19: Nikita Stewart reports in the Washington Post that Gray has hired more senior staffers than his predecessor, Adrian Fenty, and is paying them more. Judy Banks, the interim director of the Department of Human Resources, tells the Post: “I like to deal in round numbers” when asked why her $180,000 salary exceeds the capped limit of $179,086. “Thought Nikita was a friend,” Judy Banks writes in an email to Gray spokesperson Linda Wharton-Boyd.

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