• Signs now warn bicyclists to be careful near H Street streetcar tracks

    6/8/12 12:49 PM Comment

    Bicyclists and streetcar tracks don't generally get along. But new signs, at least, caution those on bikes to watch out if they're heading along the risky stretch of our city's first new streetcar tracks.

  • The U.S. Postal Service adds another stamp devoted to transportation

    5/31/12 12:07 PM Comment

    The new bicycling stamps will be available starting June 7 and continue a long tradition of transportation postage. 

  • At least nine bicyclists of the mid-Atlantic died in traffic this past year

    5/8/12 1:25 PM Comment

    May is National Bike Safety Month and the perfect time to reflect on how to make our commuting lives a little safer.

  • Washington Area Bicyclist Association: Share the road ... or else

    7/11/11 5:51 PM Comment

    A bill suggested by D.C.'s leading bike association would make it easier for cyclists to bring civil suits against aggressive drivers.

  • U.Md. designated as top 20 bike friendly campus

    3/24/11 1:42 PM Comment

    The University of Maryland is among 20 college campuses nationwide to be designated as a Bike Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists.

  • Should D.C. limit sidewalk cycling in commercial areas?

    3/1/11 11:44 AM

    At this morning's oversight hearing for the bicycle and pedestrian advisory councils, Councilmember Jack Evans chastised cyclists who speed on jogging trails, and Tommy Wells expressed interest in exploring restrictions on sidewalk cycling in commercial areas of DC.

  • National Gallery of Art bike racks fixed

    2/21/11 7:38 AM

    The new bike parking at the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden, on Constitution Ave NW. Washington, DC. When originally installed they were put in end to end (the wrong way) but they've since been fixed.

  • Frederick cyclists asked to pitch in for bike plan

    2/19/11 10:40 AM

    In order to implement the bike routes the Frederick Ad Hoc Bicycle Committee proposed, some councilmembers suggested that cyclists do some fundraising.

  • Confiscation or theft?

    2/14/11 8:19 AM

    M.V. Jantzen writes I parked my bike on Jackson Pl NW (just south of H St), in Lafayette Park. After locking it up and walking away, some guy in black yelled at me. He told me they didn't allow people to lock their bikes here, and said if someone leaves a bike here they can confiscate it, and that in fact they have indeed confiscated several bikes left here. I asked him how on Earth anyone would know that, and he said as a cyclist it's my responsibility to know I can't park here. So, I moved it down the block on H St. Washington, DC.

  • The path forward for safer cycling in the District

    2/13/11 11:26 AM

    Last Friday, we testified at Councilmember Mendelson's Committee Hearing on Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety, calling for better enforcement, better training of police officers, and better laws protecting cyclists.

  • Critical Anacostia Riverwalk Trail section takes another step forward

    2/11/11 7:51 AM

    NPS and DDOT have begun the public scoping period on the proposal to construct a portion of the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail through Kenilworth Park. This is the third, and perhaps most important, portion of the trail.

  • 3-foot law passed by VA Senate committee

    2/4/11 9:56 AM

    After being shot down in the Virginia House, the Senate's Transportation Committee passed a 3-foot passing law unanimously. Currently the standard is two-feet. You can see the House discussion below. As FABB points out, the legislators frequently don't know the law (like when cyclists can ride two abreast or where cyclists need to ride).They also act like the 2-foot law was passed "a long time ago." At the end some gentleman points out that actually that was passed in 2004.

  • Video: Washington's winter warrior cyclists

    2/2/11 1:50 PM Comment

    Considering how cold and wet it's been lately, the time seems ripe for a video on winter cycling. D.C. photographer Jay Mallin put together the following piece on hardcore cyclists who ride daily through Washington during the nasty months.

  • Getting out on your bike in the winter

    1/25/11 9:02 AM

    At this time of year, even I'll admit it can be tough to work up the enthusiasm for a long ride in the cold “for the fun of it."

  • Capital Bikeshare temporarily closes

    1/18/11 7:11 AM

    Snow closure notice: "A predicted severe weather event has started, and we will be temporarily closing Capital Bikeshare at Midnight tonight, January 17th to protect the safety of our members and staff."

  • The bicycle 'social contract'

    1/7/11 11:17 AM

    It's rare that there is a public discussion of bicycling without someone complaining about bicyclists' behavior.

  • Bicycle Stations closed

    1/7/11 9:31 AM

    This doesn’t really come as a surprise to me, but still sad to see a local business close. Bicycle Stations, formerly at 14/W, closed on December 31st.

  • Cyclists who commute to Tysons look forward to Fairfax bike plan

    12/28/10 9:14 PM

    On a crisp, gray morning, Chris French maneuvered a bicycle through Vienna's neighborhood streets on his way to work in Tysons Corner.

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