• House ends page program, Senate folds its arms and shakes head

    8/9/11 1:31 PM Comment

    For nearly 200 years, high school juniors have worked and lived on Capitol Hill as pages, running errands and distracting politicians — and costing the House $5 million annually. But for the past dozen years or so, the page program has pretended the Internet doesn't exist. They literally can't afford to lie to themselves anymore.

  • Unpaid internship scholarships available in some colleges

    7/28/11 4:24 PM Comment

    Despite giving interns an educational experience and something to put on a resume, unpaid internships are exploitative and possibly illegal. Students work full or part time for nothing, gambling that the forgone money from a menial job will pay off with an actual job down the line. There is some good news, though.

  • F.C.’s Godwin conquers Youth Villages internship

    10/6/10 1:50 PM

    Youth Villages provides a variety of programs to help children who have suffered abuse or neglect.