Occupy DC

  • Web gambling; DC seeks statehood; New protest rules

    1/30/12 1:44 PM Comment

    Today on NewsTalk WAMU reporter Patrick Madden talked about the DC Council's review of internet gambling legislation.  DC Vote's Ilir Zherka discussed Mayor Gray's trip to New Hampshire to push for statehood for the District with lawmakers and advocates.  And Pete Tucker of thefightback.org discussed the latest on the Occupy movement.

  • Occupy traffic lanes, commutes, rush hour, rainy drear

    12/7/11 3:55 PM Comment

    Exercise caution on your commute home today, D.C., especially if you had plans to drive through downtown. Traffic is never pretty during rush hour, but today faces a double headache of rainy weather and closed roads. Occupy D.C. has been in the midst of several protests throughout central D.C. this afternoon, which, for whatever the virtues politically, can affect transportation.