The Listno. 15

11 historical and contemporary references from Ron Moten

Ron Moten
Photo: Jay Westcott


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The List's interview with Ron Moten keeps giving and giving. In a mere 120 minutes, the Mayor Fenty non-crony referenced nearly a dozen noted figures from the Bible, civil rights movements, and the Bush administration. The best of Ron Moten.

  1. Martyrdom

    "King, Malcolm, Kennedy died for telling the truth."

  2. Old Testament

    "Cain and Abel: you know what caused that? Bad parenting."

  3. Presidents

    "Lincoln said you have a right to criticize and a right to help."

  4. Politics

    "Karl Rove — some people considered him a distraction, but he got the job done."

  5. Philosophy

    "Like Gandhi said, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."

  6. New Testament

    "Paul went from being the biggest persecutor of Christians to the biggest recruiter of Christians."

  7. Local

    "Knowledge is power. Cathy Hughes said that."

  8. Home fashion

    "No one called Martha Stewart an ex-offender, so I won't let anyone call me that."

  9. Christ

    "If they attack Jesus, they're going to attack me."


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  1. noodlez noodlez

    noodlez . . .

    Aug 15, 2010 - 01:47:54 PM

    typical dummy. your teeth are essential to good health and presentation. you would think with all the dough he received a dental plan would have been first on the list instead of a luxury vehicle and pink seer sucker suits that he cant quite coordinate. for the record he doesnt reflect or represent black folk!

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  2. Dan Rowinski Dan Rowinski

    Dan Rowinski

    Aug 13, 2010 - 05:59:50 PM

    It is a full day when you can get Martha Stuart and both the New and Old Testaments into one conversation.

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