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How to identify Michael D. Brown

Michael D. Brown, Michael A. Brown
Photo from Phil Mendelson campaign material


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The strangest storyline of the D.C. Council race continues: little-known Michael D. Brown, one of the District's shadow senators, beat incumbent Phil Mendelson in last night's Ward 5 straw poll, 370 to 250. The victory again raises the specter that Michael D. Brown, who only recently said he might start actively raising campaign funds, might be the beneficiary of mistaken identity — he shares the same name as current councilmember Michael A. Brown. If you encounter a Michael Brown, use these facts to help determine which.

  1. Michael D. Brown does not want to talk about his name.

    You will not hear Michael D. Brown bemoaning the shared name drama. “This is a diversionary tactic,” he says, a non-issue that is distracting from the most pressing item on his agenda: statehood.

  2. Michael D. Brown wants to talk about statehood. All the time.

    “That’s the whole essence of my campaign,” he says. If you hear Michael Brown talking about education, crime, or community, then you are probably not talking to Michael D. Brown.

  3. Michael D. Brown uses great metaphors.

    If you hear a Michael Brown comparing D.C. citizens to “a bunch of shorn sheep” or describing himself as “an endangered species,” you have likely encountered Michael D. Brown.

  4. Michael D. Brown is “the most ambitious politician in the history of the world.”

    Or so he says, for wanting to keep all of his campaign promises. Question any Michael Brown you meet about how he would rank his ambition compared to other politicians. If he says number one, you have Michael D.

  5. Michael D. Brown did not make the city’s All-Met basketball team as a high school student.

    But neither did Michael A. Brown. So that’s a wash.

  6. Michael D. Brown is white.

    If confronted with a Michael Brown who is black, you are not talking to Michael D. Brown.

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