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Ron Moten explains

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It’s Ron Moten Day at The List! Thanks to his antics at forums, special press conferences, and Vince Gray vampire cartoons, the Fenty supporter has become a more visible figure in the D.C. mayoral race than some of the candidates. In July, he sat down with The List for a two-hour discussion on everything from D.C. politics to his marital status. In his own words, Ron Moten explains the world.

  1. On the problems he sees in his community:

    “There’s a saying that hurt people hurt people.”

  2. How he describes his role in the Fenty campaign:

    “Maybe the unsung hero.”

  3. On how politics are more dangerous than life on the streets:

    “People can do whatever they want to you with a stroke of a pen.”

  4. On Fenty’s work on education:

    “He took a lot of ass-whuppings for that, and that’s the reason we have a race right now.”

  5. On the politicking that goes on in D.C.:

    “People are doing more tap dancing and showboating than real work.”

  6. On Mayor Fenty driving around Southeast by himself:

    “He should be getting a building named after him for that.”

  7. On how you heal a snake bite:

    “Every snake has an antidote … can’t heal a snake bite without the snake.”

  8. On why he hasn’t found the right woman yet:

    "You don’t have a lot of Coretta Scott Kings out here.”

  9. On why he never committed violent crimes:

    “If you kill someone, you can’t get money from a corpse.”

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