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The many Michael Browns

Michael D. Brown
Michael D. Brown, D.C. shadow senator. Photo by KCinDC.


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One of the great stories in this year's D.C. election is Michael D. Brown, a 57-year-old resident of AU Park who is running for a D.C. Council position. For three years, Brown has held the pipsqueak position of shadow senator, an office that pays no salary and gets little attention. Yet the guy has still managed to score remarkably well on some recent straw polls. Why? Aficionados of D.C. politics speculate it's because of his nomenclatural likeness to a real establishment name---Michael A. Brown, son of the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Sufficiently confused? Well, let The List spin your head a bit more, with a complete rundown of mix-uppable Michael Browns.

  1. Michael Brown

    Current mayor of Grand Forks, North Dakota; also an obstetrician.

  2. Michael A. Brown

    At-Large D.C. Council member; might or might not have been an “All-Met” basketball player in high school.

  3. Michael D. Brown

    D.C. shadow senator and candidate for D.C. City Council; told TBD TV’s Bruce DePuyt, “I am who I am … I am Michael Brown.”

  4. Michael A. Brown

    Former speaker of the Ontario legislature; worked previously as a funeral director.

  5. Michael Brown

    Flint, Mich. city administrator and Temporary Mayor.

  6. Michael B. Brown

    Arlington County Manager; worked in city management in Savannah; Columbia, Ga.; Stratford, Conn.; Mount Pleasant, Tenn.; and Charlottesville.

  7. Michael D. Brown

    Head of FEMA 2003-2005; former commissioner for the International Arabian Horse Association.

  8. Michael Brown

    Former member of British Parliament; his ex-research assistant was on Big Brother 6.

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