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Twelve inspiring mottos from Fairfax County public schools

Student, possibly under the inspiration of a motto. Photo: Jay Westcott


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School starts next week for Fairfax County students, and local youngsters may be struggling to get excited about the end of summer. If the children in your life need inspiration to start the year off right, look no further than the carefully turned mottos of the Fairfax County schools. Whether they’re urging excellence, offering challenges, or merely using dramatic punctuation, these mottos, culled from school websites, can encourage our students to be their very best. Or in the case of Belvedere Elementary, “Better than the Best!”

  1. “Great expectations…infinite possibilities.”

    Luther Jackson Middle

  2. “Where the climate is terrific!”

    Fort Hunt Elementary

  3. “Learning today is KEY to leading tomorrow.”

    Hayfield Elementary

  4. “Character Shapes the Future."

    Colvin Run Elementary

  5. “Whatever It Takes!”

    London Towne Elementary

  6. “Students — Centered in Excellence — Grounded in the American Dream.”

    Terra Centre Elementary

  7. “Come as you are!”

    Cedar Lane School

  8. “We pursue excellence every day in a respectful manner."

    Flint Hill Elementary

  9. “What we Believe is What we Achieve…So Soar!”

    Poplar Tree Elementary

  10. “Dare to excel.”

    Joyce Kilmer Middle

  11. “Where Children Come First.”

    Washington Mill Elementary

  12. “The Sun Always Shines Inside Louise Archer.”

    Louise Archer Elementary

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