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Twelve inspiring school mottos from Arlington County public schools

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If you weren't inspired enough by this morning's soul-swelling school mottos from Fairfax County, check out these beauties from Arlington County public schools. Arlington schools offer fewer exclamation points in their mottos, but they also stake their position as the starting points for the "future" and "a peaceful world." Impressive.

  1. "A Peaceful World Starts Here!"

    Abington Elementary

  2. "A word to the wise is sufficient."

    H-B Woodlawn

  3. "At Drew Model School We Honor All Children."

    Drew Model School

  4. "Discovering the Gifts of Every Child."

    K.W. Barrett Elementary

  5. "Do your personal best today and all life long."

    Patrick Henry Elementary

  6. "It Takes a World of Differences to Make a Difference in Our World."

    Oakridge Elementary

  7. "Learning to Live, Living to Learn."

    Tuckahoe Elementary

  8. "Soaring to Success."


  9. "The Future Starts Here."


  10. "To teach and inspire; to reach and transform. Every student. Every year."

    Wakefield High

  11. "Where Learning is an Art."

    McKinley Elementary

  12. "Where missions are possible!"

    Barcroft Elementary

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