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The sweetest things Vince Gray and Kwame Brown said to each other


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Monday's Ward 8 mayoral forum was praised for its civility, but it had nothing on the "debate" between Vince Gray and Kwame Brown on July 29. Vince and Kwame's opponents were both no-shows at the University of D.C. forum, leaving the unopposing candidates alone to follow a script of complimentary, solicitous, and downright sweet exchanges. Some highlights.

  1. "We've worked collaboratively. I'd be happy to work with him again."

    Vince on Kwame.

  2. "I do think Chairman Gray did a phenomenal job in trying to have an open line of communication."

    Kwame on Vince.

  3. "That's the kind of relationship Kwame Brown and I have had over the years. Picking up the phone and calling each other is a very easy thing to do."

    Vince on Kwame.

  4. "I agree with everything the chairman has articulated."

    Kwame on Vince.

  5. "We talk all the time. We're very collaborative."

    Vince on Kwame.

  6. "I don't want to steal his thunder and take this away from him."

    Kwame on Gray's work on the city's finances.

  7. Vince and Kwame hug as audience applauds.


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