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Why Leo Alexander loves the Golden Corral

golden corral
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Mayoral candidate Leo Alexander posted a dismal 8 percent favorability rating in a poll released yesterday. During a July candidate forum in Takoma Park, he declared that he'd like to see the restaurant Golden Corral come to D.C. The List would like to see Leo Alexander switch to an all-Golden Corral platform and just see if those numbers don't rebound. In a brief interview in July, the candidate clarified his position on the Golden Corral.

  1. Leo Alexander likes the Golden Corral because "it's good food."

    "It's a buffet set-up, so you can keep going back for more."

  2. Leo Alexander believes the Golden Corral is family-friendly.

    "The kids love it. They can keep going back for ice cream and, whatever you call them, Gummy Bears."

  3. Leo Alexander does not own stock in the Golden Corral.

    He's just a fan.

  4. Leo Alexander does not exclusively support the Golden Corral.

    He likes any restaurant that's "family-friendly and won't break a middle-class budget."

  5. Leo Alexander's favorite item on the Golden Corral menu?

    The price.

  6. Leo Alexander's final word on the Golden Corral:

    "I love their rolls, too."

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