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Anatomy of a Ron Moten sting

ron moten
Ron Moten Photo: TBD Staff


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Ron Moten is in a tizzy over rumors that the Gray camp is giving out gift cards in exchange for votes. Team Moten has devised the following undercover operation, starring Moten's son Ronald, to try to catch the Gray camp in the act. How to execute a Moten sting:

  1. Remove all Fenty gear

  2. Head over to Union Temple Baptist in SE

  3. Approach Gray supporters

  4. Have your phone at the ready, set to record

  5. Ask if you'll get your gift card after voting

  6. Get the answer on record

  7. Busted


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  1. Beltway Greg Beltway Greg

    Beltway Greg

    Sep 14, 2010 - 11:14:35 PM

    It's all over baby. Cue the Fat Lady. Oh my. This one will be studied forever in political science classrooms.

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  2. Beltway Greg Beltway Greg

    Beltway Greg

    Sep 14, 2010 - 01:57:41 PM

    Hell, if Fenty gave me $10 million dollars and I wasn't held accountable for its whereabouts my butt would be out there hustling for Adrian too. Hurry up Ron, don't let the gravy train leave without you and whatever happened to that Obama endorsement?

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