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Comebacks from Ron Moten

Ron Moten
Ron Moten: Fenty supporter Photo: TBD Staff


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It's Election Day in D.C. and Ron Moten is out in full force. No man, woman or car goes unaccosted by Moten, who chases them down with fliers and Fenty rhetoric. Wearing black, khaki and camo, Moten is dressed for war and armed with comebacks for anyone who will argue with him. A sampling:

  1. Gray volunteer: That man going to lose

    Moten: If he does, have fun drinking the grape juice. (Because Gray's color is blue, Moten explains later.)

  2. Man on street says he's not voting

    Moten: Sad. People died for our right to vote and he's not even going to vote.

  3. Woman in gray shirt: Don't be fooled by Fenty!

    Moten: Don't be fooled by Gray! We don't want no Gray clouds.

  4. Woman on curb: But how is he going to be transparent?

    Moten: You want someone who talks shit and makes you feel good, or someone who gets stuff done?

  5. Woman on bus: Put that sign down, he ain't done nothin' for the city.

    Moten: Give me one reason to vote for Vince Gray.
    Woman: I ain't voting for none of those motherfuckers.
    Moten: [speechless]

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