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Gray vs. Fenty: Debate or lover's quarrel?

Fenty Gray
Candidates: Broken-hearted Photo: Jay Westcott


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Something curious happened at yesterday’s mayoral debate between Adrian Fenty and Vincent Gray. In between the talking points, the accusations, and the platitudes, the discussion turned personal, with Fenty talking about his feelings and Gray lamenting their lack of one-on-one time. Suddenly it sounded less like a debate than a break-up. A sampling.

  1. Vince:

    “What annoys me and is very disappointing also is not to have had a working relationship with the mayor.”

  2. Adrian:

    “All I ever wanted to do was give our kids the best education possible.”

  3. Vince:

    “Frankly, Mr. Mayor, I would have loved to have a partnership with you. And I certainly have tried, but you’ve essentially refused to meet with me.”

  4. Adrian:

    “I’m all for criticism, but I wonder where has been the partnership, the camaraderie, the leadership and everything else he likes to talk about.”

  5. Vince:

    “You didn’t want to meet. I haven’t had a meeting with you in over eight months. A one-on-one meeting. And we could have done better than that.”

  6. Adrian:

    “I do believe my opponent is a sincere and well-minded individual.”

  7. Vince:

    “It’s not necessary for the mayor and I to like each other. Even though it’d be nice.”

  8. Adrian:

    "If you believe, like I do, that mayors make mistakes…I ask you to believe in me again."

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  1. Beltway Greg Beltway Greg

    Beltway Greg

    Sep 02, 2010 - 11:16:02 AM

    Yo Adrian! The next time you run for public office keep these things in mind. There are far more votes in the Wards than there are in Kalorama. Besides, even though those people provide scads of cash and fine finger foods most of them aren't legal residents of the district. Also, hang out less on Embassy Row and more on 14th St. Once again, the water on 14th isn't sparkling but it is refreshing. You're a great guy but in your mind you became America's mayor. Who knows maybe Bloomberg has something bigger in mind for you anyway because we really can't figure out why you had to import a billionaire from NYC to endorse you? What did that say to your constituents? Gone Hollywood baby, gone Hollywood.

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