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Top 10 mustaches in the Virginia General Assembly

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Mustache Day continues at The List! Virginians, are you aware that your state legislature is home to some of the finest, fullest, and most diverse mustaches in the DMV? Support your local mustached representative and consider nominating him for the Mustached American of the Year. The List will not rest until a local man brings home this prestigious honor.

  1. Algie Howell, D-90th District


    Fun fact: former member of the State Board for Barbers and Cosmetology.

  2. Barry Knight, R-81st District


    Fun fact: professional farmer.

  3. Clifford Athey, R-18th District


    Fun fact: former member of the Front Royal Little League board of directors.

  4. Edward “Ed” Scott, R-30th District


    Fun fact: named Legislator of the Year by the Virginia Hunting Dog Owners’ Association in 2007.

  5. Kenneth “Kenny” Alexander, D-89th District


    Fun fact: funeral home owner/director.

  6. Richard “Dickie” Bell, R-20th District


    Fun fact: did graduate work in special education.

  7. Onzlee Ware, D-11th District


    Fun fact: his name is Onzlee.

  8. Terry Kilgore, R-1st District


    Fun fact: his twin brother, Jerry, unsuccessfully ran for governor of Virginia in 2005. He does not have a mustache.

  9. Tony Wilt, R-26th District


    Fun fact: member of the Quality Deer Management Association.

  10. William “Bill” Cleaveland, R-17th District


    Fun fact: holds a degree in Ceramic Engineering.

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