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Indoor pool update: Arlington

The vintage pistachio color scheme of Wakefield's indoor pool. Photo: TBD Staff


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As the temperature drops, it’s time to break out the mid-season jackets, sharpen the pumpkin-carving knives, and, sadly, close up the pool for the winter. Lucky Arlingtonians have access to three indoor pools to swim laps or take classes. The List checked in with Arlington’s public indoor pools to assess their aesthetics, atmosphere, and toy selection.

  1. Yorktown

    Atmosphere: Utilitarian design and parents on the bleachers give it neighborhood feel
    Temperature: Downright tropic
    Aesthetic: No-frills small gray tiles and soft lighting
    Chlorine smell intensity: 8/10
    Lifeguards: One in a chair
    Fun fact: Olympian Tom Dolan swam here
    Loses points for: Ladies locker room leaves something to be desired

  2. Washington and Lee

    Atmosphere: Cavernous, high-energy temple to swimming complete with house music
    Temperature: Warm with a breeze circulating
    Aesthetics: Walls checkered in pale yellow and gray; large latte-colored tiles on the floor
    Chlorine smell intensity: 6/10
    Lifeguards: One in a chair, one on foot between the two pools
    Toys: Kickboards, noodles
    Fun fact: According to employee: “We have birthday parties that rock.”
    Loses points for: School is huge! Pool is hard to find.

  3. Wakefield

    Atmosphere: Vintage without feeling dingy
    Temperature: Balmy
    Aesthetics: Late ‘60s color scheme of gray, pistachio and vanilla
    Chlorine smell intensity: 7/10
    Lifeguards: One stern guard in a chair (“Walk, please”)
    Toys: Excellent selection, including noodles, fins, kickboards, and hand paddles
    Fun fact: Staff says this is the last winter to use the Wakefield pool, which is the oldest of the three and will be replaced by two soon to be constructed pools
    Loses points for: Its clocks aren't as big or numerous as the other pools'

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