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Top 14 excuses for getting out of jury duty

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More than 100 Washington residents were called in for jury selection Monday in the upcoming trial of Ingmar Guandique, who stands accused of killing Chandra Levy in 2001. Many potential jurors expressed their keen interest in serving, but alas, obstacles, many of them quite trying, press them on all sides. Hunting trips, bias due to watercooler conversation, upcoming bicycle outings, and having twins were just a few of the dire circumstances forcing Washingtonians to ask for dismissal. Transmitted by TBD's intrepid Sarah Larimer via Twitter, the top excuses for getting out of jury duty.

  1. Being unable to pass judgment on others


  2. Feeling pretty raw over recent home invasion


  3. Having graduate classes on Wednesdays

    Hm, judge wants you to gather more information and report back.

  4. Knowing too much about the case from office conversations


  5. Being unable to afford your mortgage on $30 a day


  6. Feeling a little upset still over your wife getting mugged last night


  7. Attending a meeting for a major new initiative in North Carolina, plus you followed this case very closely, and you used to live by Gary Condit, and you run in Rock Creek Park.


  8. Thinking Guandique is guilty already

    Excused! Plus the judge admires your candor.

  9. Starting a new job after a long period of unemployment


  10. Adopting a child under a vague timeline

    Accommodations can be made. Not excused.

  11. Taking a trip to New Orleans with non-refundable tickets


  12. Writing a book and having a 70,000 word deadline, and it could impact your career


  13. Yearning to be part of the judicial process but unable to be due to working for tips


  14. Watching too much TV


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  1. morkunas morkunas

    Anonymous User

    Oct 20, 2010 - 04:09:17 PM

    And we wonder why there is such poor voter turnout.

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