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7 notable buffets: Arlington edition

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When one plate will not satisfy, The List turns to the buffet. Happily, Arlington has plenty of options, some notable for their dirt-cheap entry fee and some for their endless supply of crab legs.

  1. Charlie Chiang's Crystal City, 320 23rd St. South, Arlington

    Daily lunch buffet promises Chinese-American classics like sesame chicken, "dim sum and then sum" every day for $9.50.

  2. Harar Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant, 542 S. 23rd St., Arlington

    For $8.99, you can enjoy samples of "everything!" on the menu during lunch on weekdays.

  3. Kabob Palace, 2315 S. Eads St., Arlington

    Middle Eastern and Pakistani specialties for lunch every day of the week for $10.99.

  4. Liberty Tavern, 3195 Wilson Blvd., Arlington

    $19 at Liberty Tavern's Sunday buffet gets you access to gourmet fare, including salmon with capers and creme fraiche, chicken parm, maple sausage, and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

  5. Sangam Restaurant, 1211 N. Glebe Road, Arlington

    Indian cuisine lunch buffet for $10.95 on weekdays, $11.95 on weekends.

  6. Joe's Place Pizza and Pasta, 5555 Lee Hwy, Arlington

    This $8.99 lunch buffet offers pizza, pasta, chicken, meatballs, and a salad bar every day of the week.

  7. Whitlow's on Wilson, 2854 Wilson Blvd., Arlington

    On weekends from 10-3, Whitlow's brunch buffet isn't cheap ($17.95) but comes with unlimited crab legs.

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  1. UYDFan UYDFan

    Stan Tsirulnikov

    Jan 18, 2011 - 10:43:44 AM

    Delhi Club in Clarendon has a weekday all-you-can-eat for $8.99. Way better than Joe's.

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